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"Everything starts with a dream"

The history of Ebora Formacion begins with the accreditation as a Vocational Training Center in 2009, a VET Center approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, with the aim of becoming a place of academic reference throughout the country.

Mode of Formation

Training is available in face-to-face and distance formats.


Online and face-to-face professional training is currently one of the clearest and most interesting options for young people. The reason is that it offers greater possibilities to students who finish these studies when entering the labor market.

Face to Face

Our students do not look for traditional or conventional training. The educational model, regardless of the area of study, must promote creativity and originality.

We want the new generations to live, interact and learn in a changing and interconnected environment. We prepare our students to be resilient professionals, capable of facing the challenges of a dynamic society and changing professions and positions. People willing to reflect, debate and take risks, both thinking and acting.

Statistics of Our Center

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Profesionals in Academic Education

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Graduated Students

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